My Story


     The word small being mentioned in the same sentence as the name Lexi Lew is a confusing contradiction of epic proportions. At first glance- small might be your go-to adjective. There are many “less than normal size” references to work with, here. 

     Having grown up on a small farm in a small town in southern Georgia, Lexi is your quintessential “ big fish from a small pond” swimming around in Nashville, Tennessee, chasing dreams among those dancing neon lights. As if that wasn’t enough, she stands an unassuming 5’ tall and her feet are an impressively tinysize 4.5 Man. That’s really small… 

     Music City has a tendency to chew up and spit out the meek and feeble. Nothing about this boomtown invites anything small to stay, let alone thrive. So why is Lexi Lew still standing? Why do people stumble upon a show and are immediately drawn to stay? Because when she steps to the mic and let’s those larger-than-life vocals fly… 

  Big things begin to happen. 

     In August of 2012, with her parents, Terri and Rick and her entire hometown of Douglasville cheering her on, Lexi took a huge leap of faith and moved to Nashville to pursue her dream.  Following in the footsteps of such great musical success stories as LeeAnn Womack, Trisha Yearwood and Brad Paisley she graduated from the prestigious Belmont University with a BA in Audio Engineering. She credits her time as an intern with Grammy and Emmy award winning Producer/Engineer Jamie Tate at The Rukkus Room as being the highlight of her college career. 

     As a renowned and celebrated songwriter on Music Row, in 2015 Lexi penned and released a bone chilling country ballad called Roses. The artistry in the writing is only upstaged by the powerful message it was meant to convey. It is a story rooted in a personal experienceof a friend struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide. The accompanying music video is gut wrenchingly appropriate, beautifully executed and superbly directed by Atlanta based videographer Dustin Blake. Along with her single Back Home; an upbeat, carefree tribute to her hometown roots- Roses went number one on Georgia’s 94.9 The Bull Backyard Country. 

     Today, Lexi Lew is a seasoned performer and a beloved staple on Nashville’s Lower Broad live music scene. What draws fans to come back time and time again is her perfect pairing of personality and versatility. By adding her own depth and texture to the mix, she effortlessly switches genres and is an expert at recreating her own versions of all the crowd pleasing, sing-along hits in classic rock, country, pop and today's top charted songs. Her stylistic approach to the arrangement and vocalizing of familiar songs paves the way for memorable, original performances every night.

     Even with footprints as small as hers, this southern spitfire has already carved an impressive path in Music City. But there are highways ahead that have yet to be traveled.  With a consistent presence at such well-known live music staples as The Stillery and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Lexi Lew is ready to expand her horizons and head out on the road. So whether you catch her on Lower Broadway in Nashville or in the upper reaches of your own favorite hometown dive- you’re going to want to take a seat and sit a spell. This small town girl- with the big voice and the bold dreams- has a gigantic future just waiting around the bend.